How to change the margin of a PDF report in Cognos

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If you run a report as a PDF, you will get a default margin. You can’t change this within the Page Setup. So how it is possible to change the margin in a PDF output?


1. In Report Studio, click any element within the report page.
2. Click the small up-arrow in the property section and select ‘Page‘.
3. Once selected, click the property ‘Margin‘.
4. In the window that appears, you can specify the margins used for report rendering.

          ExampleIf you set the top margin to 0 px, you will have no top margin in the PDF.

5. Make adjustments to the four margins as necessary to allow your PDF report to display properly

UDA-SQL-0227 Equivalence types are incompatible Cognos Report

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Try to use cast function and convert both query items to same data type.
This is common when joining on date as once date may have time part and the other only date.

How To Read Cogserver.log Easier With IPF Log Viewer

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Use LogviewV2.exe located in the Congos\bin directory.

_add_months in Cognos

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When using this _add_months function it adds one month to the date, when using as end of the Month date to add a month, then if the current date is 30th and add a month to get the next month end date it will be 30th not 31st, so use last_of_month function to get the next end of month date.

Finding what tables are being used in what reports

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1) In Framework Manager click on any item(s) that you want to know if a report uses.
2) Under the “Tools” menu in the menu bar, click “Find Report Dependencies”
this opens the “Report Dependency” window
3) Specify your Scope by using the selections you want and click “Search”
4) It will query the content store and return you results.

Merge 2 crosstabs to make it look like one Report

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Drag a table with 2 columns and 1 row, Maximize width ticked off.
Drag Cross tabs in each columns.
Add data to each crosstab.
Select the rows/columns that you want to hide and select Box Type to None.

How to Save Report Outputs to a File Location on a Per Report Basis

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